There are many educational programs at Reed Elementary that are supported and paid for by the PTA. These programs are run by our wonderful parent volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us.

Art Vistas Program

Art Vistas is an art appreciation program. Parent volunteers (docents), go into the classroom about 6 times a year with “mini-exhibits” of great art works and conduct easy to understand discussions with the students on various art topics. This is followed by a hands-on lesson that provides unique and creative opportunities. The students will use a wide variety of art materials and learn about different techniques in each of these lessons. In May, there is an Art Show displaying one piece of art for every Reed student!

Project Green Thumb

Project Green Thumb is a gardening program. Parent volunteers, take the class to the school’s garden about 4 times a year to teach them about planting, gardening, types of food you can grow and more. 

Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone is a program where parent volunteers go into the class about once a month to read a book to the kids and then lead a discussion on the book. The book and lesson plan are predetermined and given to the parent who signs up to participate in this valuable program.

Other Outside Programs: Band & Play/Musical

These programs are offered through an outside source. For questions on these programs contact the PTA liaison, VP Student Programs.